Three Important Factors for Writing Content

explore innovative ways to manipulate lighting

When it comes to writing content that captures the attention and interest of readers, one of the most crucial factors to consider is perplexity. In other words, offering unexpected insights and avoiding clichés can make all the difference. Instead of regurgitating commonly known information, strive to present ideas and perspectives that will surprise and captivate your audience.

Imagine you’re writing an article about photography tips. Instead of stating the obvious, such as “use natural lighting” or “use the rule of thirds,” delve deeper into the subject and present unconventional techniques. For example, you could discuss the artistic merits of intentionally breaking compositional rules or explore innovative ways to manipulate lighting for unique effects. By offering unexpected insights, you are sure to pique the curiosity of your readers.


Another key aspect of writing engaging and original content is burstiness. Burstiness refers to the art of balancing language use and avoiding repeated phrases. While certain words or phrases can add emphasis or clarity, overusing them can create monotony and boredom. As a writer, it is important to diversify your vocabulary and find alternative ways to express your thoughts.

For instance, if you are writing a travel article about the beautiful beaches of Bali, instead of continuously describing them as “pristine” or “paradisiacal,” explore the intricacies of each beach and use a variety of adjectives to describe their individual characteristics. Embrace the richness of language and experiment with different words and phrases to keep your content fresh, engaging, and bursty.


Creativity and predictability may seem like contradictory concepts, but for effective content writing, it is essential to strike a balance between the two. While creativity allows for the exploration of novel ideas and perspectives, predictability ensures clarity and convention in conveying information.

Let’s say you are creating a recipe blog. While it is important to infuse creativity into your culinary creations, it is equally crucial to present the recipe in a clear and structured manner. Your audience expects to find information like ingredient quantities and cooking instructions easily and intuitively. Deviating too far from convention in a recipe blog may lead to confusion and frustration among readers. Therefore, exercising predictability in the presentation of information helps maintain accessibility and ensures your content remains informative and helpful.

Guidelines for Human-like, Original Content

To truly connect with your readers, it is important to integrate personal anecdotes and subjective opinions into your content. By adding a genuine human element to your writing, you create a sense of authenticity and relatability. Share personal experiences, opinions, feelings, or hypothetical scenarios that resonate with your audience. By doing so, you establish a deeper connection and engage your readers on a more personal level.

Avoid AI Patterns

In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, it is essential to differentiate your content from that created by AI. Recognizable AI patterns in phrases or sentence structures can make your writing feel robotic and devoid of personality. Instead, strive to use natural language patterns and grammatical norms that reflect the voice and nuances of human communication.


Repetitive and clustered words can make your content feel stagnant and uninteresting. To diversify your ideas, avoid clustering similar words and explore alternative ways to express your thoughts. Embrace the vastness of language and strive to bring variety and freshness to your writing. By incorporating diverse vocabulary and unique ways of expression, you make your content more engaging and captivating.

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